Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Reservations may be canceled up to the day before reservation date via web/mobile phone.
2. Tickets may not be exchanged, refunded, or canceled after issuance.

Consent for consent to collection and use of personal information

<Consent for consent to collection and use of personal information>

The Make Ticket Service provided by SMARTIX Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information for each of the following purposes, and is committed to handling your personal information safely.

> Personal information collection consent agreement (required agreement) With regard to the use of make-up services, I have read the agreement and agree that you (Sumitix Corporation) collect my personal information as follows.

- Collection items: name, mobile phone number, email address (optional)

- Purpose of collection / use: Confirmation of booking, confirmation of identity due to cancellation / issuance of ticketing, and communication route for delivery of notices related to service

- Retention and use period: E-commerce contract, withdrawal of subscription, settlement of accounts, goods, etc.

※ This agreement is an agreement to collect / use personal information in order to provide the essential function of the service. ※ General information related to the handling of personal information for collection / use of personal information under the statute, implementation of contract / convenience, etc. is subject to the service's privacy policy.

> 14 years old or older Consent Required (Consent required) This service is only available for persons aged 14 years or older, due to the nature of e-commerce transactions. I am 14 years old or older.

> In connection with the service of Make-Ticket Specialization (Optional Consent) make-up, I agree that the service will transmit the advertisement or information optimized for the individual to the person through electronic transmission medium for marketing purposes I will.

The Service uses personal information that the customer has agreed to use and collects, and provides personalized (personalized) services to Sumitix and third party products or services through electronic transmission media (SMS, MMS, e-mail, Ads and information can be sent. If Customer wishes to withdraw this Receipt Agreement, Customer may contact Customer Service at 82-2-866-6480 to withdraw their consent.

※ This agreement is an optional agreement and the service is available even if you disagree.

Admission Fee Change Notice

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